lundi 6 octobre 2014

Ruler of Pentagona World

Influential people have been given dominion as a concert star from Poseidaru. It was a lover with Mian, is a comrade who fought for Poseidaru once. And Poseidaru of its own and has been likened to the relationship of their own and Mian, the relationship am the pack mule, of Resshi~i, or give advice am, in Resshi~i, but Poseidaru can be found that their own has lost in the reverse away from. But, it will fail while attempting to free Mian, and results in sacrificed by Kaba~tsu her. By the way I was keeping the youth in relation Amandara bio, along with Mian et al.

HM Gairamu of several that have been in the old Rokaku Kamon dynasty have been saved in the dynamics concert star, was dodging lightly Gyabure and pack mule when you boarding. In the novel version, unlike the TV version, what she is Poseidaru true, had been manipulated as a puppet lover selfish. Also, depiction, such as if it were illegitimate child is Am has also been stated, but are not.

She has a beautiful figure that I do not think a 90-year-old, Oddoai of gold and silver. It is a lover Mian former Poseidaru genuine (Amandara), its identity has reigned as an alternative Poseidaru him as Kagemusha. Its beautiful appearance is due to the benefits of bio-relations system, because it has been played for many years Poseidaru to leave but be manipulated, we will come to think himself is Komu's Poseidaru person soon.

And so subjugate by bio-relations system (see below) Kuwasan also his own. However, it will remember the truth finally in the final battle, love with Amandara had ended long ago, and enlightenment meaningless it is to continue to play any more, it was senility death by stopping the bio-relations system. Owner of that tall 195cm According to the setting.

(Blood is not connected pack mule, so settings that were picked up in the father of Oribi) fiance in the sister-in-law of the pack mule. Become missing are kidnapped bandits to 3 years before the main start, but received a spirit remodeling by Poseidaru that saw through that Oribi is Yeaman group, appearing in front of the pack mule as commander of the Guards Division of the regular army. It was moving in response to a command from Poseidaru sequential. Story from late per signs of mental collapse began to appear either from the burden of mental modification, personality is finally collapse in the final times. After all, while unexpected return to the original spirit to leave Koamu quietly and pack mule.

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